Lighting Design & Lighting Programming

ETA New Horizons Season 2024
Lighting Design & Lighting Programming P.S.I (Sit, Shush, Listen) by Haydn Tudor Jones Spinning The Line by Cameron Kelsey The Podium of Inspiration by Tyler Simpson Weatherley Photos by Steve Gregson, Ben Wilkin and Mathew Ferguson respectively.
Rose Theatre & Barn Theatre, Rose Bruford College. Directed by Various ETA Level 6 students; Sound Designers, AP Level 4; Production Manager, Daniel Paget; Technical Manager, Isaac Blakeley; Head of Lighting and House Rig Designers, Cory Gibson (Rose) and Cian Feasey (Barn); Lighting Programmers, Cory Gibson, Tom Lee and myself; Stage Management by SM Level 4.
To Sir, With Love By E. R. Braithwaite
Adapted by Ayub Khan Din Lighting Designer Photos by Steve Gregson; www.stevegregsonphotos.com
Greenwich Theatre. Produced by Rose Bruford College; Directed by Ewa Dina; Assistant Director, Lili Molina-Martinez; Set and Costume designer, Toby Coulton; Sound Designers, Dylan Reynolds; Production Manager, Amy Gelnar; Company Stage Manager, Eve Hutchins; Technical Manager, George Milner; Head of Lighting & Production Electrician, Ryan Dunnett; Lighting Programmer, James Sturdy; Stage Manager, Daniel Paget; Deputy Stage Manager, Reese Maleking; Assistant Stage Manager, Emma Taylor.
The Table by The Company
Lighting Programmer. Lighting Designer Callum Schofield Mellor. Photos by Christa Holka.
Rose Theatre, Rose Bruford College. Directed by Gemma Brockis; Sound Designer, Christopher Sauerbrey; Production Manager, Melissa Glithero; Technical Manager & Production LX, Alec Rooney; Stage Manager, Maddie Taylor; Deputy Stage Manager, Jess Berry; Assistant Stage Managers, Kai Jones, Jack Athey & Wybie Dodd; Sound Operator Jack Athey.
Sweet Science of Bruising by Joy Wilkinson
Lighting Programmer. Lighting Designer Tobie Seeley. Photos by Ben Wilkin; www.benkin.co.uk
Barn Theatre, Rose Bruford College. Directed by Rachel Lemon; Set and Costume designer, Josh Henderson; Production Manager, Olga Morisse; Technical Manager, Alfie Turner; Deputy Technical Manager & Video Programmer, James Taylor; Stage Manager, Rebecca Martin; Deputy Stage Manager, Lucy Mitchell; Assistant Stage Manager, Jess Berry.
Postcards & Perfume by Dane Juler
Lighting Designer
Barn Theatre, Rose Bruford College. Written & Directed by Dane Juler; Assistant Director, Amber Neill; Lighting Programmer, Will Pepper; Music by Alec Murray; Stage Manager on Book, Amy Gelnar; House Rig designer, Harry Williams.
Photos by Dane Juler
Scissors by Chris Bush
Assistant Lighting Designer. Lighting Designer Henry Slater. Photos by Steve Gregson; www.stevegregsonphotos.com
Greenwich Theatre. Produced by Rose Bruford College; Directed by Noah Birksted-Breen; Set and Costume designer, Luke Sherman; Sound Designers, Alan Dufton, Jonah Ferguson, Ellis Smith; Production Manager, Ellie Halloway; Associate Production Manager, Georgia Parkhill; Company Stage Manager, Alice Barclay; Technical Manager, Ella Welch; Head of Lighting, Harvey Williams; Lighting Programmer, Tyler Ryman; Stage Manager, Alice Palutikof; Deputy Stage Manager, Lily Winter; Assistant Stage Manager, Daniel Paget.
The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui by Bertolt Brecht
Lighting Designer
Theatre Studio, Rose Bruford College. Directed by David Zoob; Assistant Director Chani Merrell; Stage Manager on Book, George Ablewhite; Lighting Programmer, Mass Neri.
Photos by Matt Smith
A small collection of photos I've taken over the years. Camera - Canon EOS 700D
Matthew S Smith Photography
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